Yes We Can

(Update)- This piece turned out to be completely off base, but it’s still an enjoyable read….

Nine games left. 4 back from ATL. 5 back from the Dbacks. It can happen, just gotta have some faith. As I told my co-worker Sundeep, I’m completely 100% diving into the water and willing to drown with this team.

Those of you who actively and excitedly follow my status updates may recall that two weeks ago after the Giants laid a goose egg against Arizona I said something along the lines of “And so the Giants season ends with a whimper.”  It was bleak. But even then I still held out hope by still watching games, looking at box scores and tracking the standings.

Then all of a sudden the team began to do something that they forgot to do all summer: get hits and score runs. Mark DeRosa began to log some quality at bats. Brett Pill got called up and became an immediate presence. Cody Ross began getting in some quality at bats. Carlos Beltran and Pablo have been on an absolute tear this past month.

With the best bullpen and one of the top starting rotations in baseball, it was evident that the Giants no longer played not to lose, but instead just to have fun. For all intents and purposes, the blue collar approach that was such a joy to watch all of 2010 has returned.

“If the Angels in the Outfield can win the pennant, so can we”

The chances of the Giants making the post season are small.  They need lots of help: Atlanta needs to continue their slide while the Giants need to leap frog the Cardinals. With three games to play against the Dbacks next weekend, the Giants can really put the pressure on them by winning the series. If the Giants can maintain their hot streak, lets say by going 7-2, then they can pull this off.

Do I think they could do it? Sure, why not. I was at Pac-Bell for the Buster Posey injury game and as soon as I left the stadium I thought the season was over then and there. But despite historically inept hitting, losing Buster and Freddy, having Tejada and Cabrera and the plague of Zito, the 2011 Giants STILL have a chance to pull off the unthinkable. With little probability of success, I’m following them into battle at the Black Gate. For Buster.


What Happened to Entourage?

Let me just start by saying that I have absolutely loved this show. Who wouldn’t want to live the lifestyle of Vinny Chase and his entourage? But to say the final season of Entourage was a lame cop out would be an understatement. I didn’t think it would be possible to top the ineptitude of last season, but what happened in the 8th season probably could have happened in an hour and it would have made just as much sense.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this final season. The series finale was a sentimental journey of which everyone ended with a dream come true ending. My problem with the last season was that it was too… emotional. At times I felt like I was watching The OC.

It wouldn’t have been  bad if I wanted to watch a soap opera and have the Kleenex box close by. But damn it, I just wanted more time with the boys. Coming into the season, I was really hoping that there would be a return to the bread and butter of the show: the crew all just hanging out together. Unfortunately, everything this season just seemed forced.

A reporter writes Vince is a womanizer, so he falls in love with her while trying to prove he isn’t. Turtle wants to bring a good restaurant to LA, realizes he doesn’t have enough money to buy a nice location, but then Vince surprises with him that he bought all of Turtle’s former stock options because Mark Cuban told him to. Drama is not on strike, then on strike, then off again! Don’t even get me started on the E and Sloan thing.

Did you keep your Kleenex handy?

The only redeeming plot line from this season was that of Ari. I mean, here is a guy that is one of the biggest jerks of all time, but he becomes completely broken and vulnerable at the prospect of losing his wife. Who wasn’t rooting for him? How could you not? Unless you are an ice queen, seeing Ari slouched in his office ate at you.

Coming into the season finale last night, I was praying that they would not go with the easiest cop out of an ending. This of course being Vince getting married. Lo and behold in the first minute of the show what happens?! “Guys, I’m getting married.” Sigh. Why does this have to be so… manufactured? I’m glad Vince is happy and finally found a woman he can talk to for more than 5 seconds, but marriage after a 24 hour date? Ambitious.

As much as I didn’t like the past two seasons, the final scene was still pretty neat. Everyone meeting at the hangar to fly off to Paris was a good way to end it for the upcoming movie. The “Epilogue” if you will, was also a nice twist. Could that be a possible spin-off show? Entourage has been the ultimate college male show for awhile now, and while I am sad to see it go, I still need to hug it out one more time.

Annoying Students In Your Class

There is always that one kid in class who bugs the crap out of you. As I was sitting in class yesterday, annoyed by a foot tapper, I thought the best thing to do would be to compile a list of annoying student classifications. Instead of taking spectacular notes, I brainstormed for this list. Without further delay:

The Kissing Couple
Aww look at how cute that couple is. They whisper into each others ear and giggle throughout class. How ador… NO, DON’T KISS IN LECTURE! I’M TRYING TO TAKE NOTES, NOT WATCH YOU MAKE OUT. Seriously, this has gotten out of hand. I’ve had numerous situations where I’m sitting behind a couple who snoggs through half the lecture. That’s really great that you guys are into each other, but please, it is not necessary to have a stage show of your affections in the middle of the lecture hall with over 200 people able to see. Annoyance Level: Medium

If you see this in class or in the library, throw eggs at them

The Foot/ Pencil Tapper

Is there anything more annoying than having Travis Barker jamming next to you in class? I love rock music, but not next to me when I’m trying to listen. It starts off as a slow, steady rhythm, almost as if the person is stretching out and getting loose. Then it subtly builds. And builds. Until a feverish drumming is in full swing. Full annoyance ensues. No body likes a one man band. So unless you are playing Rock Band at home, which is acceptable and encouraged, keep the drumming to a minimum champ. Annoyance Level: High

The Sniffler

We’ve all been there before. You’re sitting in class and the person next to you lets out a solid sniffle. Then another one. Ultimately, it is a Sniffling Symphony. Much like The Foot/ Pencil Tapper, this guy is flying solo. He does not care if he bothers you. He just wants to unstuff his his nose. Hey buddy, here are some suggestions for you: A) Get some Kleenex B) Take some Decongestant and C) Get some sudafed before bed. With these three simple guidelines, your nose will be more clear than the Bay Bridge at 2 am.               Annoyance Level: High

It's called a Drug Store for a reason. Go there.

The Talkers

“Oh my god, can you believe the drama we are having during Rush?” Probably have heard that one 100 times. Nobody cares. If you want to have a conversation, either text it during class or talk about it… wait for it… outside of class! Yesterday I was sitting in lecture and these two girls had a conversation throughout the entire lecture. Dumb. There isn’t really much else that needs to be said here. This is just plain annoying. Annoyance Level: Medium

The Know It All

For all intents and purposes, this guy could teach the class if he felt like it. His knowledge is unrivaled. Not a person in the room knows as much as him. He eats this information for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This guy is an idiot, and his role collectively unites the entire class against him. Rolled eyes, sighs and texting commence as soon as his hand goes up. You know its going to be 5 minutes until the Professor can begin lecturing again. In my Poly Sci classes, I have had the same Know It All in three classes. Now this bloke is unique in the sense that he is balding and always keeps his sunglasses on his head during class. To add further clout to his Know It All status, he answers questions while keeping his head on the back of his chair, slouched if you will, just so we know that he is a knowledgeable scholar. This blog has been brewing for over a year now, and I dedicate it to The Know It All.   Annoyance Level: Mount Everest

That’s what I’ve come up with. Can you think of anything else? If you find yourself falling under any of the categories, you probably need to reevaluate your life. Or just stop being annoying in class, whatever works best for you.

Video of The Day: I found this short film on YouTube last week. It runs about 9 minutes long, but I found it to be pretty moving and powerful. Definitely take a look.