Throwback Thursday: Kindergarten

In honor of my last semester of college, I’m starting a weekly Throwback Thursday post where I share a song that I enjoyed during each school year.

Since I have been in school longer than the amount of weeks in the semester, some posts will have two posts. Cue this celebration.

For some years, I can vividly recall which particular song was my favorite. For example, I remember singing Dirty Pop in 5th grade in class to impress the ladies. (No further commentary neccessary)

Others, such as this post, require some research to narrow down the choices.

Would love suggestions on what you’d like to hear about from quick facts, always something to be learned!

Vinnie in Kindergarten Quick Facts

Year: September 1994-June 1995

Age: 5

Favorite Hobby: Playing Hotwheels

Important Event Relevant to My Life : 49ers win the SuperBowl (No Recollection)

Throwback Song of the Year: (Note: Embedded Player not working for me so link will take you off page, so click when you’re finished reading)

Kokomo Muppets

Come on, if you’re my age, you know you remember this. The Muppets, while usually super annoying, occasionally drop some quality musical covers. I know it’s from 1993, by how can I not choose this?

Kermit and the Gang

Kokomo Muppets sticks out in my memory as the only one of the only things I remember from TV around this time, so it has to take the prize.

Obviously the Beach Boys version is far superior and I always encourage/ prefer that version, but 5 year old Vinnie loved him some Kokomo Muppets. If there was a YouTube in 1995, you bet I would be adding to the view count on a daily basis.

BONUS THROWBACK: Gullah Gullah Island. Anyplace that has bright and sunny weather, count me in. I want to go to Gullah Gullah Island.


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